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She can try using the portable version and see if she has problems.  That means she can keep the installed version as it is and eveluate the portable version's performance with whatever version of NVDA she wishes.  If she is satisfied, she will probably be satisfied with the installed version.  Or she may wish to continue using the portable version.  I use the portable version because if a problem develops involving loss or corruption of files in Firefox, I can simply delete the copy of the portable version I'm running and copy a backup copy to where I want it.  I can have the backup copy kept current by replacing the backup version with a copy of the portable version I'm running from time to time.  In that way, I have the same version with the same settings, add ons, book marks, everything the same backed up and replacing a copy that has become defective is very easy and simple.
I've seen reports here about problems with certain versions of NVDA and Firefox.  I don't know how widespread those problems are.  It may be that some people have them and some don't.  If your friend is interested, someone on list is likely to have information about where to find it.  I didn't keep the information myself and it would probably be simpler if someone who already has it provides it.

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Subject: [nvda] about firefox 50 and compatibility with previous versions of nvda

hello every one.
one of my friends use nvda 2016.1 and she is not satisfied with the
new espeak ng to upgrade her nvda.
if she wants to use firefox 50 with nvda is it possible?
does she experience inconsistance behaviour using nvda 2016.1 with nvda or not?
myself, even i tried nvda 2015.4 with firefox 49 without any problem.
but remember that in the list i heard about some incompatibility of
nvda with firefox 50 before nvda version 2016.4
could you please help me in this regard?
thanks so much and God bless you all!

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