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I have a Behringer sound box on usb as the only connected, but there is also the inbuilt motherboard driven surround device, and for some odd reason on the last update of nvda next, the behringer was changed to sound mapper, but although this should have resulted in it still working as the default was the behringer, it failed and shoved it through the mother board one instead. This last install it has left it alone and so it has worked.
This of course might also be a symptom of the original issue some have with corruption of the .ini file at times. it seems as if part of a default and part of the configured one can end up in the working file producing odd results at times.
I do not know if this is being done via python or C, but I suspect some data is left in a buffer some place that causes these weird happenings from time to time.
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The ms sound mapper is the right card to be honest, its fine as long as you don't need to switch to another card or have a default sound card or something that card is usually the windows default one which is only a problem if things are not connected right.

On 6/01/2017 7:11 a.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
I thought so until this morning when I updated to the new next snap and
all speech stopped. It looks to me like there is a new routine that is
processing the .ini file in the latest build, however what it seems to
have done is altered the sound card selected in windows 7 so it says
microsoft sound mapper not behringer speakers as I had. Now of course
since I was not expecting this to occur, I had not looked at the ini
file to see if it had corrupted, but certainly the sound was cut off as
the new version launched leving me to restart the machiene as all sound
unknown to me was being sent out to the default windows device not the
one selected and used by me previously. weird or what? Needless to say,
a reboot of the computer put things back, but the tell tale in the first
run after the update showed the .ini file had the wrong sound device
selected. I think they will need to watch this as it really should not
change anything in the .ini file until its checked in windows what is
being used.
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it might have been the ini file, or the synthesizer crashed, in which
NVDA will be smart enough to use Espeak as fallback so as not to get the
user stranded in silence.
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Sometimes the .ini file gets corrupted. I don't know hy though.
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Thanks that did it. Don't know why my choice of syn changed.

On 1/4/2017 6:18 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Don,

The Synthesizer dialog is where you can specify the synthesizer being
used. Press NVDA+CONTROL+S to open this dialog and select the

After that, you can use NVDA+CONTROL+V to open the voice settings
to customise the chosen synth and change its voice behaviour.

Is that what you were after?



On Thu, Jan 5, 2017 at 4:15 AM, Don H <
<>> wrote:

I had NVDA set to use access32 as my speech syn and it was
great. Today when I started NVDA I was back to the original
voice. Not sure what happened but I forgot how to install the
access32 syn. It is a bit strange in that Access32 is still
in my
addon list and it shows as running. How do I reinstall
Access32 >> to
resolve this issue? I am running the latest version of NVDA on a
Win 10 system.

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