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I don't know about 8 but I found it by searching in control panel in both 7 and 10. Its relatively easy, but is paart of the advanced power settings and called something else on later systems. I think its only on multi core machines, at least I've not looked for it in xp for my older machines so I'd imagine it was put in at windows 7.
You get processor idle speed for the three different schemes I think, and none of them seems to be more than 50 percent. Jacking it up to 100 eems to make explorer file scrolling more instant, though if you have several windows open you can still get the wrong file. I'd suspect this is memory access related in some way.
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hi how do you adjust that processor speed on a desktop computer?
What I mean is where do you go and find this on your system and can someone do this on there own or do they have to have someone that knows what they are doing go in and adjust the processor speed?


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