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Oh, Logitech, did they not have some special driver for this? Its been a while. I have come across keyboards both like this and with no context key etc, which is a real pain. The worst is the Dolphin original large key keyboard with loads of keys not there at all.
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Hi Brian,

Yes, the keyboard has a full numeric keypad, it's the Logitech K780.
Question is, how do I get these to behave as Home, End, Page up and so
on for editing functions instead of behaving as NVDA navigating commands?


On 1/4/2017 8:22 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


Did this keyboard also not have a numeric keypad? On most
keyboards, including some full sized ones, where there is no 6-pack of
"hard keys" for the functions you name these are a standard feature on
the numeric keypad when number lock is off. The general configuration
is zero - insert, decimal point - delete, one - end, three - page
down, seven - home, and nine- page up. two four six and eight are the
down, left, up, and right arrow functions, respectively.

A great many regular desktop keyboards work this way, most,
I'd say.


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