Re: NVDA problem with hashtag symbol


See also the *builtin.dic* voice dictionary in the installed folder of NVDA.
This regexpt probabily it interferes with the string of the Acapela tags:

#Break words that have numbers at the end
Pattern: ((?:(?=\D)\w)+)(\d+)
Replacement: \1 \2

This means that e.g., the string "#LAUGH01#" changes in "#LAUGH 01#".
There is a space before the digits 01.


ChrisLeo, 11/01/2017 11:15:

You set so?
Symbol: #
replacement: #
Level: Some
Preserve: always.

In the replacement edit write the symbol instead of the name.



Paolo Leva, 11/01/2017 10:33:
The Acapela TTS allows usage of special codes to get the TTS to laugh,
cry, cough and so on. To get the desired sound you need to type for
instance #LAUGH01#, #CRY01#, #COUGH01# and so on.

However NVDA seems to always process the # symbol even when you select
to let it pass through to the TTS, so there seems to be no way to let
these sounds work when using the Acapela TTS with NVDA, as NVDA always
read like "pound sign laugh 0 1 pound sign"

I do not know whether this issue can be solved by configuration or
needs some fix into the code, is anyone able to shed some light on it?

Thanks in advance!

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