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         What you're describing is probably the interaction between several things you can set using the accessibility wizard in Adobe Reader (regardless of version).  If this is a large file you're dealing with (which, by default, would be 50 pages or more) it could very likely be the problem.

          I would use ALT+E,Y,S to run the accessibility setup wizard.  That key sequence is for Reader DC but I also don't think it has changed in a very long time.  If it is different then open the Edit menu, look for accessibility, and choose the setup wizard from the submenu.

          On the first dialog page, you may wish to activate the radio button to set only the accessibility settings options for screen readesr rather than using the default that walks you through screen reader and magnification accessibility settings.

           On the second dialog page you should leave the "Infer reading order from document (recommended)" radio button selected, and this is the default, or select it if it's been set to one of the other two settings,

            On the third dialog page activate the  "Read the entire document at once" radio button for large files.

            On the fourth, and final dialog page, you may wish to check the checkbox for "Reopen documents to the last viewed page" if you frequently deal with large documents and would rather that they "pick up where you last stopped" when you open them later.  Some people love this feature while others despise it with a burning passion.

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