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P. Otter

hello Jacob, thanks for your answer.
i know already what to do that windows not will reboot in a error situation but i want to find the cause that it happens.
i think, there is an error in the file syncbraille.dll or it is rather old and can not be used with windows 10 or there is a problem because it is a 64 bit system.
i know, the drivers i meen the dll files of hims they are delevered with the versions of nvda are not working properly.
because i have also a display called the hims smart beetle.
when i use the smart beetle with the file hansoneconnect.dll that is delevered with nvda, i have some problems with navigation of the display.
i've found a good one, i want to send it to the boys of nvda that they can delever it with the next version of nvda but i don't know who i have to send the better version of hansoneconnect.dll that they can use.
i'm afraid that the same problem is with the file syncbraille.dll.
but it's a pitty, i can'nt find a better version of syncbraille.dll.
i can download it, but it is then a form not as dll but as executable, and i don't trust that kind of downloads for a simple .dll.
i'm nearly sure that it contains malware!
and i'm not waiting for that!
paul otter

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By default Windowù is set to restart on a critical error. I always turn this function off. I have a problem with some scanner software make the PC restart but when I turn this function off it runs anyway. Since I'm running a danish version of Windows I don't know exactly the name of the menu where you can turn it off. Try something like system setting, advanced setting and then setting for restart and recovery. Uncheck the automatically restart box. It'll at least make it possible for you to have a chance to read the error message.

OZ0TE Jacob

On 11. jan. 2017 at 19.43 P. Otter <pam.otter@...> wrote:

hello all, i have a 20 cels braille display, the hims syncbraille.
it works fine, all what i want it is nice displayed but there is only one problem, when i want to restart nvda, there comes a big error, i cann't see what the problem is, because the computer will reboot imidiately  this happens only whit that display, i allso have a 14 cels hims smart beetle, there are no problems when i'm restarting nvda.
what can that be?
paul otter

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