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You haven't said whether this behavior occurs on other pages or just on this one.  There are sites, such as The New York Times where you can search for a specific button such as the all button.  You haven't established, at least not in what you have described, whether this is behavior caused by this one page or general behavior.  Also, what happens if you don't just move to the top of the page before repeating the search, but move to the top and then do something like tabbing once.  I'm not sure what is causing the problem but it sounds as though something isn't calibrating correctly as you move in the virtual buffer and starts a search from the location of the previous result rather than from the top of the page. 

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Well, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that using INS+CTRL+F in both Firefox and Chrome is invoking the NVDA search now that I've rebooted.  

The bad news is that what NVDA finds (and I am going to have to do additional testing) as far as the "Select Menu Button" seems to change after having done a search.  When I do my initial search in Firefox, then use INS+CTRL+F to invoke the NVDA search and use "select" as my string it lands on the Select Menu Button as I'd expect.  If I go back and perform a subsequent search and then use the same NVDA search, it lands me on "Select Input Tool" rather than the "Select Menu Button" which is weird.  

Even though I have the Focus Highlight add-on added on I do not seem to be able to follow exactly where NVDA has it's focus when doing anything other than the first NVDA search.  If I completely reload my inbox page before doing a subsequent NVDA search things seem to behave as I'd expect.  I would have to believe that the "page state" (for lack of a better description) is precisely the same when any given Gmail search completes from its search box, so I would think that an NVDA search for Select immediately after should always land one on the Select Menu Button, but it doesn't.

More work to be done on my part, but if anyone has any thoughts about what I am doing wrong or might try to do differently they will be gratefully accepted.

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