Re: OCR software?

Antony Stone

Assuming that is the program people have been talking
about (there is another application called PDF2TXT which runs on Linux
systems, but I doubt that that's what's been discussed here), then given that
it's not free (you can use it for 30 days as a trial version, and it costs
US$35 after that), I doubt that the OCR engine behind it is going to be
available to anyone to turn into an NVDA addon (unless the author is prepared
to share the source code under an NDA and for the result then to be a paid

See for the licensing details.


On Thursday 12 January 2017 at 17:05:29, Roger Stewart wrote:

Also, can those who know the OCR engine that is use in PDF 2 TXT please
give me the link to get it or at least give me the name of the OCR
engine so I can search for it?


I'm not impossible, just highly implausible.

Please reply to the list;
please *don't* CC me.

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