Re: OCR software?

Doug Parisian <eggmann@...>

While slightly off topic for this list, I might end the diversion, respectfully of course, by providing the following link for the Image to tedxt conversion package. The assumption is that if you want to read print, you have means of scanning it and then processing the image through the software.

With all the programming wizzards on this list, perhaps someone can provide a way for combo printer-scanners to integrate? Just a thought!

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Also, can those who know the OCR engine that is use in PDF 2 TXT please
give me the link to get it or at least give me the name of the OCR
engine so I can search for it?



On 1/11/2017 5:59 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:
Does anyone have a link to this PDF2TXT installer? I am finding a lot of third party installers that I am sure have adware in them. I installed Unchecky to combat this, but still!


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