Re: accessible version of Seamonkey?

Jacob Kruger

Lisa, on the seamonkey download page, there's a heading with a list of something like 200+ old and unofficial versions available for download, so, seems like, as long as you know the version you're looking for, you can find it here:

If that page doesn't automatically take you to that heading, look for a heading called old and unofficial releases - and, let us know the version that works, since would also like to try out other mail clients for the various mail accounts I have...<smile>

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On 2016-03-04 1:41 PM, Lisa P Geibel wrote:
My husband and I are both totally blind and use a Windows 10 computer
with NVDA. I use Thunderbird for my mail client and he used to use
Seamonkey until something happened and we had to reinstall it. I got
2.93 and it is very different than the older one he had as no shortcut
keys such as alt b to add to favorites or ctrl l to open a URL work.
It's only reading things like button and such. The install was a
nightmare and he had to do it as the only choices were button and alt
button. Please help with finding an accessible version since I was the
one that messed it up on him? Thanks.

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