Re: Forcing an NVDA Search rather than a built-in search function

Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...>

I, too have a question regarding NVDA searching. Let's say I'm on a website, and I want to do a search for the word, "download." However, I need the second instance on the page of this text.
I know I can hit NVDA+CTRL+F to initiate the first find, type in the word download, and hit enter. But then, what I've been doing is to then hit NvDA+ctrl+F, then download will already be still filled in, so I'll just hit enter to then find the next occurance.
Is there an easier way? I tried the standard hititng F3, and also NVDA+CTRL+F3, etc. basically all combinations that I can think of. No matter what I try, I cannot seem to find the find next, and find previous commands which are specific to NVDA's find functionality.
I'm using the desktop layout if that helps.
I've already looked in the key reference documentation, but I'm undoubtedly missing something.

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