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It worked great for me! Thank you!
I would like it if it gave more information like your IP address and whatnot as well, but currently I got all I needed.

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Hi there: Does this work for all internet isps?


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Go to:

This is beta, but it is good enough. It is based on HTML5 technology, if I'm not mistaking. Find the link labeled "GO!" and activate it. The internet speed test will start. You'll be notified when it is completed and the results from it. But you can manually read the results on the page - find the link labeled "Again" and read the information after it - it contains the test results.

Note, that if you are using Firefox for the testing, NVDA may get a lot chatty during the test and repeat that the test is over 50% completed a lot of times. Use Internet Explorer to do the testing if you don't want to hear all that chattiness - it does not occur in it. Hmm, could this chattiness be a Firefox issue? Maybe we should report it?

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev


На 12.1.2017 г. в 19:15, Brandon Keith Biggs написа:


Does anyone know of an accessible internet speed test? Most of the speed tests I have found only show speeds in a flash frame.



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