Re: Correction for Ketan

Christo de Klerk

Chicken Nugget works with NVDA under Windows 10, but by default hotkeys have been changed to use the Alt key instead of Ctrl. In other words, to navigate up and down your list of tweets you would no longer use Ctrl+Windows+up/down arrow, but Alt+Windows+Up/Down arrows.



On 2016/03/23 8:55 AM, Ketan Kothari wrote:
Actually my problem is using chicken nugett with NVDA on Win 10.

Please do help.

On 3/23/16, Ben J. Bloomgren <> wrote:

I’m sorry about the previous message. You were asking about Chicken Nugget
on Windows 10. I don’t use Windows 10 myself, but I know people who do use
it with Chicken Nugget and love it.


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