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I'm not sure if I remember this correctly but as far as I know, whether things like mbps are written in capital or small letters determines what the unit of measure is.  Someone else may provide definite information.

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Sorry, they measure in bits, not bytes.  If you want bytes per second, you'll need to divide by 10 (must allow for start and stop bits for each byte) to get your speed in bytes per second.  Sorry for the confusion.  Most things mean bits when they say MBPS.  I guess bigger numbers sound better, so ...

On 1/12/2017 3:24 PM, Travis Siegel wrote:

These guys measure in bytes per second. 

You'll also likely need to round to the nearest 100.  I.E. my download came in at 27.63MBPS.  I know my download is 25 MBPS actually, so rounding to the nearest 100 would actually give me 27MBPS, but apparently I just hit a good timeframe on the network,.  On the other hand, my upload speed came in at 4.59MBPS, which I also know should be 5MBPS, so rounding to the nearest 100 would give accurate results on that one.  I'm guessing my provider doesn't optimize for uploads. :)

On 1/12/2017 1:15 PM, Kostadin Kolev wrote:


Go to:

This is beta, but it is good enough. It is based on HTML5 technology, if I'm not mistaking. Find the link labeled "GO!" and activate it. The internet speed test will start. You'll be notified when it is completed and the results from it. But you can manually read the results on the page - find the link labeled "Again" and read the information after it - it contains the test results.

Note, that if you are using Firefox for the testing, NVDA may get a lot chatty during the test and repeat that the test is over 50% completed a lot of times. Use Internet Explorer to do the testing if you don't want to hear all that chattiness - it does not occur in it. Hmm, could this chattiness be a Firefox issue? Maybe we should report it?

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 12.1.2017 г. в 19:15, Brandon Keith Biggs написа:
Does anyone know of an accessible internet speed test? Most of the speed tests I have found only show speeds in a flash frame.

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