Re: having problem to use one of Baum braille displays by NVDA

Arno Schuh

No chance! The Braille displays from Frank Audiodata came with its own driver and protokol.

Frank Audiodata no longer exists, and Baum didnt support the old hardware from Frank Audiodata. It's a pity!

Am Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017 19:50 schrieb داریوش جوادی <>:

hi, I am Dariush Javadi. I have a Baum braille display (Frank
Audio-Data bk2-40). I want to use it by NVDA, but NVDA doesn’t
support it. It's an old version of Baum braille displays and work by
Jaws properly. Also it support windows 32 bit and lower. help me
pleas. Thanks a lot.

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