Re: The danger at the moment of this moderation thread.

Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@...>

sub group work in progress

On 3/23/16, Brian's Mail list account <bglists@...> wrote:
Is that its all engulfing. Personally, I think one needs to have this on a
special group for admin of nvda lists generally.
I fear that those coming in in the last few days who want help are drowned

out by repeated messages about who how what where and how to vote etc etc.

Cannot an announcement just be put here that cannot be followed up?
or is that what happened when I got cryptic bounces from this list
yesterday. i see mention of sub groups. One supposes this is in effect a new

group but automatically, those subscribed here, also get subscribed there.

this will be good as I can then sort them on the group name be it a new
name or something related

So, can we perhaps do this now. I've kind of lost the will to live looking
through the various threads on this, of which I know I've just created
another, sorry.

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