Re: Problem with Windows 10 Pro desktop and NVDA



Press Windows+X. From the menu, go to "Control Panel" and open it. In the Control Panel, go to "File Manager Options" and open it. In there, press Control+TAB to go to the "View" tab. Press TAB until you get in to the tree view. In the tree view, use the arrow keys to go down to "Use check boxes to select items" and if it is checked, press space bar to uncheck it. Then press TAB to go to the "OK" button and activate it to save the changes and close the dialog. Then you can close the "Control Panel" window as well.

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 13.1.2017 г. в 21:50, Sam Bushman написа:

Hi All,


I installed NVDA 16.4 on a new windows 10 pro laptop.

For some reason NVDA reads all desktop items like they are check boxes … Any idea what I need to change to resolve this?

I have downloaded the win10 ecentials add-on and that doesn’t resolve either.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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