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Firefox has a built in PDF reader that is activated if you open PDFs without other apps, but it doesn't work with some files like protected ones. If you set in the "open with..." menu firefox as your program to open PDFs files, these will be opened with Firefox when you press enter in the file explorer.

I don't know if firefox has an option to convert PDF to txt, but I think not.



El 14/01/2017 a las 1:23, nasrin khaksar escribió:
thanks so much for your advice.
but for many reasons, i dont trust adobe product and i dont never use them!
i deactivated all plugings in my browser and i only want to open my
pdf files in my browser without any plugin and convert them into txt
to read them by notepad+++ or save them as html and read them with my
how can i do this?
also my pdf documents are not image pdf which needs OCR.
thanks again for your help and God bless you!

On 1/13/17, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

My personal advice is to never open PDF files in a web browser for
reading. I have had way too many "inconsistencies" with how screen readers
interact with the plug-ins (usually the Adobe Reader plug-in) in the
browsers themselves. It usually turns into a nightmare of one sort or

I routinely tweak the web browser or web browsers on a client's
system (and have done this on my own as well) to force PDFs to open in the
PDF reader you have set as the default on your system rather than within the
browser itself. Since most folks have Adobe Reader in one of its versions,
and this has been scripted for every screen reader I've ever touched, you
have a much more reliable and consistent PDF reading experience once you're
used to using the PDF reader program with your screen reader. It also has
the added advantage of making it much easier to recognize when you've been
handed an old PDF that was image scanned and that will need to be OCR
processed if it is something that you know contains text before it can be
read by the screen reader.

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