What's new in Stascom Utility Suite version 2017.1.7:

Jacques <lists4js@...>

Hi All

Apologies to those who receive this as a cross posting.

Please allow me to thank everyone who has contacted me with comments and suggestions on my program. I am surprised about how many people around the globe are using the package. I really appreciate all the feedback.

What's new in Stascom Utility Suite version 2017.1.7:
•Minimum allowed volume can now be specified by the user between 5 and 50 percent,
catering for use of audio induction systems, earphones or amplification;
•when minimum or maximum volume is reached with the volume adjustment keys, a SAPI5 message will now report the level
percentage, replacing the previously used message boxes;
•When sound recovery is made, a SAPI5 message will report the event, name of sound card and the time recovery was performed;
•specifying window title exceptions hot key for auto maximising was removed, it's now a button
in the configuration window under auto maximising options;
•day / night volume adjustment will default to disabled with a new installation. If enabled in a previous installation,
the old setting will be honoured;
•added hot keys for typing accented and other special characters;
•when Stascom is active, the desktop shortcut will open the program menu, similar to pressing control+Windows+M;
•added an option to announce time on the quarter hour;
•added an option to change the chime sounds used for time announcements;
•simplified configuration window interface;
•Enhanced summary report;
•fixed a problem where status messages occasionally were spoken twice on slower processors;
•fixed a bug where "on the half hour time announcements were spoken after the last active hour of the day;
•fixed a bug where volume, if manually changed after pre-defined night-time, did not adjust to night-volume at midnight;
•fixed a bug where the installer on some configurations did not recognise a previous installation;
•fixed a bug where some previously defined settings were not retained after an update;
•fixed appdata and Windows temp folder entries in the Windows applications and settings hot key;
•users of versions prior to 2017.1.7, please read the heading on changes in the latest version in the user guide;
•first time users, please read the installation instructions in the user guide on my web site prior to installing.



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