Re: Using Chicken Nugett with NVDA 2-16.1 with Win 10

Christo de Klerk

The same as always, just use Alt in the hotkey combinations instead of Ctrl. For example, to compose a tweet, use Alt+Win+t; to compose a direct message, use Alt+Win+m; to reply, use Alt+Win+r and so on. Get the interface window up with Alt+Win+w and then you can edit your hotkeys or look at their current settings.



On 2016/03/23 9:31 AM, Ketan Kothari wrote:
Thank you Christoff,

But one more problem persists. How do I compose tweet and all the rest of it?


On 3/23/16, Ketan Kothari <> wrote:
Ketan Kothari
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Hi friends,

6.1 but a unable to use Chicken nugett. Could anyone please help? Thank

With bestwishes,

KetanI am using Win 10 with NVDA 2015

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