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Also, since mouse tracking is on by default, even if you don't use the mouse or mouse pad routinely, all you need to do is randomly move the mouse around and NVDA will start talking if it's ready to speak.

On laptops I routinely tell my clients not to disable the mousepad, but to cover it with a small square of stiff cardboard taped down on one side so that it can be flipped open like a book.  This way they can use the native left and right mouse buttons if they so desire and, when someone sighted wants/needs to use their computer, the mouse feature is there at the flip of a piece of cardboard.  For those with desktop machines with an optical mouse one can do the same thing by covering the opening for the laser on the underside of the mouse.  This allows it to be used for "is NVDA awake" checking with ease and then you flip the cover over the laser and put the mouse back down again, which also gives you access to the native left and right mouse click buttons if you wish to use them.

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