Re: accessible word processors with NVDA


Firstly is your computer a laptop or desktop.
Have you tried replacing the keyboard.
For serious button mashing and tech work I use a blue cherry switch mechanical organic, the strix tactic pro from asus.
The macro software is utter junk so I don't get the macros or most of the media controls but the mute and volume controls work as well as the main board.
Its good for games like fps and rpgs, but also good for tech issues due to its long and strong durable cord.
From a visual perspective it apaarently lights up when powered and looks quite cool to.
If its the laptop, or any board itt could need cleaning, if its a laptop you can get them replaced, it cost me 120 bucks for a new laptop board.
Jarte is good as a processer.
One advantage I found with my laptop running with an external board with a cooling desk but sometimes even not the unit seems to run better during hot days without crashing.
Often I used to have major crashes and system issues using the unit even with a cooling desk fan active.
Every so often windows would mangle but a good reformat always fixed it.
After my board started busting due to my use and after a replacement I took it on myself as a present for birthday to get an external.
I did start with an logiteck kbd120d but upgraded to this.
ANd to be honest noticed the performance gains straight away.
You also don't have to push the keys down to hard to get a result.
So you can truely touch type and fast, I swear my typing speed has improved with this keyboard.

On 15/01/2017 6:18 p.m., Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

My computer's keyboard's been acting up, and I have my Mum's as a
backup, but it doesn't have Microsoft Office on it, and I was wondering
if there was a decent free word processor out there, accessible with
NVDA, that I could install on that computer instead. It would be nice if
it could read and edit .docx files, but I'm aware I can't have everything.

The most used features in Word for me are:

The Spellchecker, including a whole dictionary of words I've added so
Pokémon names, anime characters' names and names I just made up don't
get flagged;

The word-counter;


Headings (mostly for aesthetic reasons).

If there's something out there that does all these things, and is free
and accessible, I'll be pretty happy with it.

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