possible obj pad bug not sure


Well I have been playing eurofly for some time.
if I kill nvda nice errrors come up, but as long as I don't kill it thats fine.
The reall issue happened a few days ago but got worst today.
I have obj pad, ventrilo which I use ffor testing but I have the beta addon well had because I now killed it and obj ppad.
I had a few extra security addons on firefox and such but even so that was not the big issue at alll.
I have easy table navigator installed to.
I had firefox, a downloads folder open, and an audio track playing with winamp.
I had just finished something with firefox 50.1 and closed it.
Sometimes it crashes but mostly its fine at any rate I had finished with it.
Nvda decided to be stuck in a table, this has happened before when quitting ventrilo but I have alt tab and its fine.
This time it decided to lock, a thing it has done in the past.
Half of the keys stopped working.
The first time I exited and it came back.
This time though, if I hit caps key and tab I was switching from scan to web to normal.
So I assume something was making objpad or nvda in general think it was in a strange mode.
No keys worked and I had to power off the computer and luckily it shut down.
When I mean no keys, nothing read right at all.
On a full reboot nvda now works but I have removed easy table nav, ventrilo, golden curser and objpad and hopefully things just work as they are supposed to.
It only works with that combination of things open.
It never happens if its one at a time though this game does use a lot of power.
I have used it before with winamp and firefox open, never large radio broadcast archives I usually pause the game for those.

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