re my issue I posted


Reinstalled said addons golden curser, objpad, easy table etc.
I have not as yet reinstalled ventrilo but I suspect that this dev version is causing issues, I don't use ventrilo enough to warrent me needing the addon installed, but I'd really like to know what is causing the issue.
For now whhat I will have to do is run 1-2 windows at once which do not include eurofly, its a pitty because of the need to run other things with the game.
That is if I don't want to go insane fiirst because of not playing audio with the computer.
I guess I wiill just have to play cds while I do things.
maybe it will be fine if I just run audio without extra things who knows.
Maybe the addons needed reinstalling.
I have not reinstalled remote because I don't use it but still.

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