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hi rosemarie.
i wish that open my pdf files with firefox and convert them into txt.
could you please test it and give me the result?
after openning file, press control+s and select text document for type
of file for saving.

On 1/15/17, slery <> wrote:
Really? Please tell me where the OCR function is and how to access it in my
HP Officejet 7500 E910.

I have not found this ocr function and the software that comes with the
printer is not accessible. In fact, I bought a $27 program to scan into pdf
my important files (using Kurzweil to keep the images scans prints them in a
very reduced size to make them mostly unusable by sighted people).


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One of the things I'm having trouble understanding here is the context or
contexts for the OCR processing being discussed:

1. At the time of scanning an actual print document on a flatbed or feeder
2. In an existing document, such as an image scanned PDF or an actual image
itself that is known to be an image of a page of text.
3. "On the fly" in something that's an image being presented in, say, a web
browser that one would like to have read.

Virtually any relatively recent, and by that I do not mean new, scanner or
multi-function machine will come with an OCR engine as part of its
manufacturers software suite. Canon, HP, Kodak, and other multi-function
machines I've worked with were all able to scan with OCR as part of the scan
and, as it happened, their scanner control software was also accessible by
screen reader. I've been using Canon's multi-functions for years now, and
even the cheapest one (read: cost about $30 ten years ago) had a software
suite included with it that featured OCR as an integral part of scanning if
one identified what one was scanning as a document.

I've repeatedly mentioned that Tracker Software makes two excellent free
pieces of software that, while not 100% accessible, are 100% accessible for
doing OCR processing on image PDFs with a remarkable level of accuracy and
that also feature free language packs if you're not scanning documents in
English. See either PDF-XChange Viewer
<> or
PDF-XChange Editor <> .

The "on the fly" instance is one where I don't know of anything off the top
of my head.


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