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i recommend you libreoffice.
but it has also the limitations which gene mentioned like openoffice,
libreoffice is fork of openoffice and can export documents as docx.
also if i am correct, i remember that jarte needs microsoft office
installed, for openning docx files.

On 1/15/17, Gene <> wrote:
There are programs such as Open Office which I've seen discussed often here.
But I haven't used them and I don't know what the limitations are in terms
of accessibility. I read the messages about such programs but I don't use
them so I don't remember details. The only thing I remember about Open
office is that read to all doesn't work properly and, as I recall, the
maximum that is read is a paragraph at which point, reading stops.

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From: Sharni-Lee Ward
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Subject: Re: [nvda] accessible word processors with NVDA

Well, I got Jarte, and checked the page linked in the help dialogue, and the
link on that page is either broken or the resource it was supposed to direct
you to has been removed. Either way, I'm having to work with rtf files,
which NVDA doesn't like very much, at least when it comes to accurately
reporting things like bold, italics and so on in Say-All. Still, it's better
than nothing at all and it's portable. I suppose I could adjust to not
having spoken page numbers for the time being.

On 15/01/2017 10:20 PM, Gene wrote:

It doesn't need the purchased version. You can install the Microsoft
pack that gives Microsoft Word and some other programs the ability to read
docx files. if you try to open a Docx file, a dialog comes up telling you
that. It may provide a link in the dialog to the JARTE web page where the
subject is discussed further.
We don't know how Word is being useed so we don't know if JARTE has all
the features desired but you can read about it and install and look at the
program to see if it does.


From: Brian's Mail list account
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Subject: Re: [nvda] accessible word processors with NVDA

The thing about Jarte is that to open docx files it needs the purchased
version as far as I know. OOpen and Libra Office seem to be able to load
docx files, but as has been discussed here of late, the authors need to do

some more work to allow screenreaders to work on all parts of them like
all etc.

Of course it might be possible to find an old copy of an older version of

Office pro corporate which I did and it still worked aand accepted the
Legal? Well, its a grey area isn't it. if the original buyer is giving it

away, then who cares.

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Subject: [nvda] accessible word processors with NVDA

> Hi,
> My computer's keyboard's been acting up, and I have my Mum's as a
> backup, but it doesn't have Microsoft Office on it, and I was wondering
> if there was a decent free word processor out there, accessible with
> NVDA, that I could install on that computer instead. It would be nice
> it could read and edit .docx files, but I'm aware I can't have
> The most used features in Word for me are:
> The Spellchecker, including a whole dictionary of words I've added so
> Pokémon names, anime characters' names and names I just made up don't
> get flagged;
> The word-counter;
> Page-breaks;
> Headings (mostly for aesthetic reasons).
> If there's something out there that does all these things, and is free
> and accessible, I'll be pretty happy with it.

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