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You can't do what you want, as far as I can tell.  you can look at a PDF file in the Firefox viewer and you can move to whatever page you want to read.  If you just use read to all, each new page will open automatically when you get to the end of the last page, thus allowing constant reading online.  You can manually move to the end of the opened pages and then, if you up arrow a number of times and then start down arrowing, the next page will open.  At the top of the viewer, moved to by control home, or you will be there when the viewer opens, are various controls.  You can move to the controls as you would on any web page since the controls are part of a web page interface.  Control home, as I said.  If you move below them, by movingt down the page, you can read whatever pages are currently opened. 
One button is to save the document.  If you want to open and save a document that is long, the only practical way is to use the save button.  If a document is only a small number of pages, you may want to open the entire document in the cumbersome way I described or maybe there is another way to open one page at a time.  I've hardly played with the Firefox view and I haven't learned all the ways to cause a document to open.  But whatever ways exist, it appears that you can only open one page at a time.  Then the pages above that page will still be in the viewer.  So if you want to open an entire document, it appears you will have to open one page at a time, then copy the entire document to the clipboard and paste it into notepad.  Or you may be able to open the entire document and use save as to save it as a text file.  I don't know.  I haven't played with the menus enough to know what you might be able to do while in the viewer. 

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I can't remember. In my office I use Firefox 42 or similar and it uses a
built in PDF viewer, in my home is Firefox 50.




El 15/01/2017 a las 1:46, nasrin khaksar escribió:
> hi rosemarie, brian and mk.
> thanks for your help as always.
> but i dont want to read them with my browsers.
> i only wish that open my pdf file with firefox and convert it into txt
> for reading it with notepad++
> unfortunately there is no any accessible pdf reader which can support
> persian language properly.
> mk, may i ask which version of firefox has native pdf reader without
> need to install plugin?
> since which version exactly, firefox supports pdf readeing by default
> without any plugin?
> thanks again and God bless you!
> On 1/14/17, mk360 <mk.seventhson@...> wrote:
>> The latest version of Firefox supports PDF natively. However, I agree
>> with you.
>> Regards,
>> mk.
>> El 14/01/2017 a las 14:00, Brian Vogel escribió:
>>> nasrin,
>>>             I'm sorry, but I can't help you with what you want to do.
>>>   I can see no rational reason to do it, either, but that's your call.
>>>             There are so many PDF reading programs, many of which are
>>> accessible, other than Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat that your time
>>> would be much better spent finding a native PDF reading application to
>>> suit your needs.
>>>              I do not know of a single web browser that does not use a
>>> plug-in, even if it's written "in house," to open PDF files within the
>>> browser.  Web browsers are not and never have been true PDF reading
>>> programs.
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