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Gerardo Corripio

And for Spanish use? How's Libre Office with NVDA?

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Jarte is free and has a spell checker. That's what I use for word processing.

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My computer's keyboard's been acting up, and I have my Mum's as a backup, but it doesn't have Microsoft Office on it, and I was wondering if there was a decent free word processor out there, accessible with NVDA, that I could install on that computer instead. It would be nice if it could read and edit .docx files, but I'm aware I can't have everything.

The most used features in Word for me are:

The Spellchecker, including a whole dictionary of words I've added so Pokémon names, anime characters' names and names I just made up don't get flagged;

The word-counter;


Headings (mostly for aesthetic reasons).

If there's something out there that does all these things, and is free and accessible, I'll be pretty happy with it.

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