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Well sometimes I get that to be honest it could be a number of things, my wireless gets knocked off all the time wireless is not as stable as wired and it can get interfierence.
If its doing that then faulty hardware or drivers is the first.
Next I'd try updating the bios.
I don't know, I have forgot but somewhere in manuals or if you use support or call your computer company there should be a command to do a reformat of the bios.
Its to make sure the bios has refreshed when updating sometimes it doesn't.
That can lead to issues.

On 15/01/2017 11:27 p.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
No but I do have some issues with some machines coming back from
hibernate not seeing the network be it hard wired or wifi, which is a
great shame as as you say, nvda seems pretty good.
I guess you could just try it. I don't see how this might be possible as
hibernate is like a snapshot I always thought having no idea its been
away, so to speak.
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I have my laptop set up to sleep when I close the lid while plugged in
and hibernate when I close the lid on battery. This is working well as
far as NVDA coming back when I return from sleep, but I would like a way
to get a spoken announcement when the computer is ready to use after
waking up.

Before I start trying to put something together with an add-on for NVDA
or an autoHotKey script I'd like to know if anyone else has solved this.

Thank you,



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