Re: off topic but interesting or: Add-ons in fireFox


Yes, when I need to install something I shut down firefox security for all addons I forget where but there is a way to ignore signed and other things in about-config that has to do with required signatures.
With this off, I also disable all security settings and other things in firefox.
I then shut down my firewall, all my malware scanners and open my ports allowing anyone to hack in.
I then install the software, then put all my settings back, it does mean I have to hit buttons a lot more than I should for a few files but I don't usually need to add things.
It goes without saying that any mozilla addons will just load from the firefox store without much trouble.

On 17/01/2017 7:44 a.m., Георги Ламбов wrote:
Evening group!

I'm trying to install an add-on on firefox but the action is
unsuccessful. With the latest firefox version. Otherwise I have some
important add-ons installed and it seems to me that with each next
version of firefox, the add-on's installation is more difficult and even
immpossible. Are there any tricks for the latest version which I work with?



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