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David Griffith

OK thanks for that.

I did a little experimenting to see why I thought you could not set Font attributes as in HJPad.What I found was

1. Using NVDA 2016.4 I typed some sample text in HJPad. I then selected it all and pressed control i for italic.
2. NVDA did not make any announcement about the text being italicised as in Word for example.
3. However I then pressed NVDA and F to get Font attributes and this time NVDA did announce that the text was italicised alongside all the other Font attributes.
4. It seems then that to make HJPad properly usable you have to turn on Font attribute
and style feedback in NVDA document Formatting options with NVDA Control plus D. With this amended with Font and Style checked you can get good proofing type feedback as you review text in HJPad.

One thing HJPad certainly does have unlike other free Word Processing options is good support for read all, and reading by paragraph is also easy with control down and up arrow.

In that sense HJPad does seem to be a viable option for Word Processing with this change in NVDA Font feedback, certainly in basic document creation.

There are limitations however in the lack of support for tables- and in the limitation in the range of formats supported. I could save only in text or rtf.

At a pince though I could envisage a situation where if at a push you created the vast bulk of a document in HJPad and then used it in conjucntion with something like Libre Office for document conversion and support for tables- though as I understand it NVDA does not currently support tables that well in Libre or Open Office.

So Libre Office could be a pipeline to HJPad converting docx files to rtf for use in HJPad and vice versa for converting the HJPad rtf document to docx.
Other workarounds will be probably necesary to deal with tables.
What I used to do on the Mac to get around this problem with table support was to save as html and read in a browser. I do not know if Libre Office supports saving as html but this is a possible work around.

Anyway HJPad is a free Word Processor which you can use alongside the FS Daisy Book Reader if you install Jaws and leave it in demo mode.

David Griffith

On 16/01/2017 14:04, Gene wrote:
Also, these sorts of attributes can be found by opening the menus, opening tools, then opening fonts from the tools submenu.
Select a fond in the list.
Then tab once. You will be in a list of attributes for the font, italics being one. I didn't tab further to see what else is in the dialog.

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From: Gene
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 7:55 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible Word Processor

You can set fonts. It is more or less the case that if the old Wordpad can do something, HJPad can do it. If you type a sentence and use control I to toggle between italics on and off, the text will be italicized where indicated. I see no reason to believe other such commands are absent. I haven't seen this stated anywhere, but just comparing the old Wordpad to HJPad, even the name, indicates that it was built on the old WordPad. It was intended for use with JAWS basic training material. It may be that the basic training material has changed to the point where HJPad isn't as useful with it as before.

Those who are curious will find, in the HJPad menus under tools, a submenu named sample dialogs. It is interesting to play around with the sample dialogs. Some of them would still make good teaching tools and references.

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From: David Griffith
Sent: Monday, January 16, 2017 7:37 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible Word Processor

HJPad does appear to have been removed as an explicitly supported
Utility in Jaws but I actually found it buried away in a strange
location even with Jaws 18.

Quite why it would be hidden in this location I do not know.

It does have a spell checker but little else really. As far as I can
tell you can edit the font but cannot set any font attributes like bold,
italic, or underline.

I always saw it as really a possible notepad replacement rather than a
word processor.

Despite being buried away it does still work.

Anyway I found it on my system under the follwoing very odd path


David Griffith

David Griffith
On 16/01/2017 10:10, Robert Kingett wrote:
I have not seen any H J Pad, but OpenOffice is the most accessible
word processor besides Microsoft word. There is Jarte, of course, but
I do not count that because you have to pay to get all of the features.

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