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If you want to install an unsigned add on, I can see disabling the requirement that add ons be signed.  But I see no reason to do all the other things you do that strike me as to a certain extent dangerous and unnecessary.  Others who install add ons don't do these things.  It's easy enough to install add ons.  I almost never install them but when I do, I am asked in one or two dialogs to verify that I want to install the add on.  I'm not sure how easy it is to find the installation message even though it's read automatically but if you listen carefully, you will hear the commands to allow or not allow the installation.  I don't remember what they are now but they are alt and a letter command as I recall and if you listen during the announcement being read you will hear the commands. 

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Yes, when I need to install something I shut down firefox security for
all addons I forget where but there is a way to ignore signed and other
things in about-config that has to do with required signatures.
With this off, I also disable all security settings and other things in
I then shut down my firewall, all my malware scanners and open my ports
allowing anyone to hack in.
I then install the software, then put all my settings back, it does mean
I have to hit buttons a lot more than I should for a few files but I
don't usually need to add things.
It goes without saying that any mozilla addons will just load from the
firefox store without much trouble.

On 17/01/2017 7:44 a.m., Георги Ламбов wrote:
>    Evening group!
> I'm trying to install an add-on on firefox but the action is
> unsuccessful. With the latest firefox version. Otherwise I have some
> important add-ons installed and it seems to me that with each next
> version of firefox, the add-on's installation is more difficult and even
> immpossible. Are there any tricks for the latest version which I work with?
> Georgi
> .

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