Windows 10 App Essentials January 17th snapshot posted


Dear users of Windows 10 App Essentials add-on,


A few weeks ago, some of you asked me (via email and Twitter) if a feature could be developed where Windows 10 App Essentials can check for updated versions of itself. I’m delighted to announce that this is available via a snapshot build:


After installing today’s build, you’ll find a new option called “Windows 10 App Essentials” under NVDA’s preferences menu. This dialog allows you to tell NVDA to check for updated versions of this add-on and from where (development or stable channel). If the tests show it is working as advertised, it’ll be included in add-on 17.02.


Important notes:


  1. After installing this build, please don’t attempt to change to stable channel, as current stable version does not support add-on update feature.
  2. If you tell NVDA to automatically check for add-on updates, you’ll find that NVDA will present the add-on update dialog each time it starts if a new version of the add-on is available. If there’s sufficient demand, I’ll let you configure update check interval.
  3. When you check for updates from the new Windows 10 App Essentials dialog, the dialog will close, current settings will be saved, and add-on update dialog will pop up.






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