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I did eventually get it to say there is estimated ink levels, but I am sure that is a picture. And at one point I did find scan a document but I couldn’t get back to that part so there is something there. I am going to assume that it needs to use the mouse functions to get around (which I am still pretty clueless with).




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FYI, NVDA reads the title and says blank for everything else (assuming there is anything else). How do you get NVDA to work in the HP printing software?




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On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 10:57 pm, slery wrote:

Really? Please tell me where the OCR function is and how to access it in my HP Officejet 7500 E910.

See the User Guide for your machine, PDF page 48, that documents doing this using the HP Software that comes with the printer under the section entitled, Scanning documents as editable text.  I cannot speak to why it would not be accessible, as I've never used this particular model, but I have used HP multi-function machines with the full-featured software suite and driver (the one for your machine is downloadable here) with screen readers without difficulty.  There have been times, not limited in any way to HP software, where a given piece of software would not "play well" with a given screen reader and another screen reader would work perfectly with it.  It's always worth checking.

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