OT: iPod accessibility


hi all

This is another off topic post, sorry about that. As I said about the
compute sticks my birthday is coming up, and if I can't find a good one
I can afford, I'll probably end up getting an iPod nano or cheap iPod
touch. I can't find whether these things come with, what's apple's
screen reader, voice over? And I'm not buying an audio player that
doesn't talk unless it's one that rockbox will run on, and that's few
and far between these days. Also, do the new iPods, either nano or
touch, come with bluetooth? I have several good bluetooth headsets and
the ability to use them without wires would be nice. Failing that, do
they at least come with headphone jacks? I seem to remember hearing
something about the new iPhones no longer having them, instead you need
some sort of lightning adaptor. I'm new to iPods of any kind, the only
one I've ever had is an old iPod video that ran rockbox, so bear with
me.. Is it possible to use them without the bloat of iTunes? Not that
I'm trying to start anything, but iTunes has just never impressed me.
I'd prefer to use a more light weight media player, like foobar 2000 or
maybe something open source if such a thing exists for windows. I can
use programs in linux to manage it, but I'd like to be able to use it in
both. If they do come with voice over, how would one go about turning it
on, on both the nano and touch, assuming the touch is still made.


Kendell Clark

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