Re: Very concerned, was: qualifying to manage a list (stupid hash tags)

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Is your server still down? and I would like to talk to you bothas a friend please this isso nice that you are willing to help where you can.

On 3/23/2016 12:38 PM, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
No need to apologise, bro.  It's all good.
Christopher Gilland
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From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 1:33 PM
Subject: Re: Very concerned, was: [nvda] qualifying to manage a list (stupid hash tags)

I kept thinking it is Michael even though I've seen the name in various messages.  I'm sorry about the error.
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Subject: Re: Very concerned, was: [nvda] qualifying to manage a list (stupid hash tags)

Hi Gene,
Not Michael Lee, it is Joseph Lee.
Just minorly correcting.
However, on this note, I would just like to express my wholehearted
respect to Joseph for all the work he has done.

On 3/23/16, Laz <laz@...> wrote:
> um, Chris, no one has said anything bad about Joseph during this
> entire time. I have no idea where you're getting that idea but perhaps
> you should read things twice before you start bad mouthing people for
> absolutely no reason at all. At least go back and reread Gene's post.
> Laz
> On 3/23/16, Christopher-Mark Gilland <clgilland07@...> wrote:
>> Unlike Gene, and others, I must say I do not concur with them.  If
>> anything,
>> I actually am with Travis, AKA, Kwork, on this one.  Joseph has done a
>> magnificent job, and the fact that he was man enough to step up and say,
>> I
>> don't feel that I can do this anymore adiquitly took lots of courage!
>> I'm
>> very proud of him for being so honest and so up front, yet being so
>> respectful to all of us in how he did things.  To his credit, I think we
>> all
>> need to give Mr. Lee a bit of a break.  I really can tell in my heart
>> that
>> he truly, truly does care, and is trying his darndest, contrary to what a
>> lot of you all may think, or believe.
>> He's not burnt out.  I had a member yesterday who will be 100% left
>> nameless, who called me at the phone number listed in my signature.
>> He or she kept asking me over and over again if I felt Joseph was burned
>> out.  For the record, let me just say this.  I had planned today to talk
>> to
>> this person more if the questions continued, but honestly... look...
>> he/she
>> called me on my tech support line, and when I said I'm not here to play
>> the
>> middle man in this, go ask Joseph directly, go read his blog post which
>> explains everything of his reasonings, they didn't apparently do so.  I
>> have
>> no issue talking to others, including this member both as a friend, and as
>> a
>> business related thing, but don't! put me as the middle man, off business
>> hours or not.  That really put me in a very uncomfortable position
>> yesterday. I felt put on the immediate spot, as I didn't want to say
>> anything privately or publicly, and be taken as being rude, but I neither
>> wanted to  hold back and not say how I felt about things.
>> I'm just a member of the list, and a fairly new one at that.  Just because
>> I
>> put my work phone number in my signature doesn't mean I did so, so that
>> people could call me about list admin duties.  I'm not a mod, nor an
>> admin,
>> nor wish to be frankly.
>> My point is, if Joseph really were "burnt out," quote unquote, then don't
>> you think he probably wouldn't have been so willing to explain on his
>> blog?
>> He posted that link for a reason, and that reason wasn't to have people
>> just
>> ignore it, then later wonder.  It's the whole shoot and kill now, ask
>> questions later principle.  It shouldn't be that way.  Joseph gave you all
>> a
>> resource to look at, if you're wondering, so, for goodness sake, use it
>> if
>> you're wonderring.  I, shouldn't have to be the one to clear this up for
>> everyone on the list.  It's not my responsibility, nor my problem.
>> Again, sorry to be so brutally direct about this statement, but I had to
>> say
>> something before this got more out of hand than it already has, and I beg
>> the admins' pardon for having to say this publicly with my utmost of
>> respect
>> for them.
>> ---
>> Christopher Gilland
>> JAWS Certified, 2016.
>> Training Instructor.
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>> Phone: (704) 256-8010 Extension 401.
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>>   From: Kwork
>>   To:
>>   Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 12:32 PM
>>   Subject: [nvda] qualifying to manage a list (stupid hash tags)
>>   Joseph, those are very good points on which to choose a new moderator.
>> I
>> think that another point is that they also need to be respected by the
>> majority of the list members where they will serve, and that's where the
>> on
>> list voting will help. The more that vote on this type of topic, the
>> greater
>> the chance that cooler heads will prevail, and the transition will be a
>> smooth one.
>>   Thank you, Joseph, for all the work you've done with NVDA, and this
>> list,
>> over the past three years.
>>   Travis
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>>   From: Joseph Lee
>>   To:
>>   Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 11:19 PM
>>   Subject: [nvda] Follow-up: moderator qualifications #ModNotice
>> #AdminNotice
>>   Hi,
>>   If you or someone you know fulfills all (yes, ALL) of the following
>> requirements, then please put forth your name or that person's name as
>> the
>> candidate for the new moderator (note that this isn't about head
>> moderator
>> position, and our current head moderator is Nimer Jaber):
>>   1.       Have used NVDA for the past three years or more.
>>   2.       Have been a member of this forum and other NVDA forums for the
>> past three years or more.
>>   3.       Ability to communicate well, especially when confronting a
>> crisis
>> such as misbehaving members, off-topic messages and such.
>>   4.       Ability to communicate kindly (and with humility) even in the
>> face of adversity (especially during arbitration hearing proceedings).
>>   5.       Willingness to seek advice from moderators and members of this
>> forum when making list-wide decisions.
>>   6.       Familiarity with Groups.IO administration controls.
>>   7.       Ability to serve as a user-side advocate when talking to NV
>> Access and other NVDA developers.
>>   8.       Ability to deliver important news from NV Access such as NVDA
>> release announcements in a timely manner.
>>   9.       Willingness to step down from position of power when
>> appropriate
>> (recalled, on his or her own will and so on).
>>   10.   Willingness to shower members of this list and the wider NVDA
>> community with love and mercy, including to misbehaving members.
>>   11.   Having the servant's attitude (to serve, not to be served).
>>   12.   Willingness to be accountable and answerable to members of this
>> list
>> and the public.
>>   13.   Must be at least 21 years of age or older (or considered an adult
>> in
>> the country a candidate resides in).
>>   Some of you may say, "look, these requirements are too hard." I believe
>> that, as a public face of this list (alongside other moderators and
>> members), you are responsible for the fate and reputation of this list,
>> and
>> in extension, NVDA community and NVDA screen reader itself. Thus only
>> applications from serious candidates will be accepted (applications will
>> be
>> accepted until early April, and election will be held by end of April so
>> the
>> new moderator can adjust to his or her new role throughout May).
>>   Thank you.
>>   Cheers,
>>   Joseph
>>   P.S. The reason for making these requirements tough is because of the
>> following blog post:
>>   Although the post talks about head moderators, it applies to associate
>> moderators as well. Good luck.
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