Re: The danger at the moment of this moderation thread.


Many new members and many longer term members may leave or become alienated and go nomail or also leave if we have an election for moderator and all campaigning and discussion is carried out on the list.  The amount of traffic on the list devoted to the election could be very large and completely unrelated to the publicly stated purpose of the list and the reason people join. 
The loss of some or perhaps many new members as well as the loss or inactivity of some or many old members may be a significant detriment to the list.  It is a really bad idea to conduct the election in a way that may be harmful to the list. 

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Subject: Re: [nvda] The danger at the moment of this moderation thread.

Hello all,

I am not going to necessarily create a new subgroup or do very much
admin-related until we work out who is going to help moderate this list.
In general, I believe that having a list for discussing list matters is
important, however as we have a moderator that is stepping away from his
role with exemplary effort, I don't want to make any major hasty
decisions just yet until I can have a conversation with the in-coming


On 3/23/2016 12:02 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
> Hi all,
> Subgroups is one of the reasons why we switched to Groups.IO along with
> polls, wiki and others (wiki isn't turned on because we already have a
> community wiki). When we switched to Groups.IO earlier this month, I
> envisioned (Nimer may or may not have) a subgroup just for talking about
> list matters (policies and so on), similar to the setup on Win10 forum where
> there is an actual subgroup for discussing list policies, administration
> matters and so on (I'm indeed the head admin; perhaps I need to advertise
> the existence of that subgroup on Win10 forum today...), hence one of the
> questions in the proposal (posted yesterday) was creation of a subgroup.
> Cheers,
> Joseph
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> As much as I 100% agree with Joseph's way of doing this, I also must say,
> with all due respect, I agree with Brian.
> I think a subgroup is actually a fantastic idea, and why I didn't think of
> that sooner is beyond me.
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> Subject: [nvda] The danger at the moment of this moderation thread.
>> Is that its all engulfing. Personally, I think one needs to have this on a
>> special group for admin of nvda lists generally.
>> I fear that those coming in in the last few days who want help are drowned
>> out by repeated messages about who how what where and how to vote etc etc.
>> Cannot an announcement just be put here that cannot be followed up?
>> or is that what happened when I got cryptic bounces from this list
>> yesterday. i see mention of sub groups. One supposes this is in effect a
>> new group but automatically, those  subscribed here, also get subscribed
>> there. this will be good as I can then sort them on the group name be it
>> a new name or something related
>> So, can we perhaps do this now. I've kind of lost the will to live looking
>> through the various threads on this, of which I know I've just created
>> another, sorry.
>> Brian
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