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Gerardo Corripio

OK I don't know of types of controls etc.,but OK let me try and explain, taking as an example searching for a book:

1.-One opens up Bard Express which is a Windows-based program;

2.-Upon going to either Recently-downloaded WishList or other, one lands on a listview in which in ADvanced Mode, arrowing up/down displays the book's info, including its synopsis which in NVDA reads shortened as explained in the original thread.

It'd be great if any of you in the US who used Bard Express, and are part of NVDA's development etc., could look into this issue to hopefully get it resolved. The reading of the entire sinopsis within the listview, withouth having to go into the Book Detail's and tabbing around, really saves time!

El 20/01/2017 a las 05:45 a.m., john s escribió:
Chris, jumping in, here. Bard Express is a separate program. It uses read only edit boxes for displaying book details. One navigates with tab ad arrow keys. It works fine with Window Eyes without any scripts.

earlier, Chris Mullins, wrote:

Hi Gera
Could you please give a little more information on the Bard Express program, specifically...
Is it a browser based program or does it have it's own interface?
Can you determine what type of control(s) is used to display the book information, i.e is it in a table, text boxes etc. Or just plain text?
As each SR program renders the information differently, I suspect there may be a specific Jaws script for the program, is this the case?
What keystrokes do you use when navigating the book information using NVDA?


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HI listers

firstly for those of you guys outside the US., let me explain: Bard Express is a Windows-based program that's used for browsing and downloading Digital books and magazines off the Talking Book Library's BARD system. The bug I'm encountering between NVDA and the Bard Express program is that it only reads part of a book's details from within the list of books. For instance let's take the following book:

In the face of death casilla de verificación seleccionado no marcado
Author: Noll, Peter, Subject: Biography, Annotation: When Peter Noll, a Swiss professor of jurisprudence, learned he had cancer of t, Narrator:
George Backman, Series: , Reading Time: 8 hours, 30 minutes

Now with Jaws, the info within the list reads as follows

no verificado In the face of death
Noll, Peter
When Peter Noll, a Swiss professor of jurisprudence, learned he had cancer of the bladder, he decided against the radical treatments prescribed by the physicians. From December 28, 1981, until September 30, 1982, he recorded his thoughts and feelings and the progress of the disease. He died on October 9 in his daughter’s arms, leaving this legacy of his own confrontation with, and acceptance of, death.
George Backman

8 hours, 30 minutes
17 de 50

So what needs to be changed in NVDA for this part to be more-compatible with the Bard Express program?

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