NVDA not focusing on comments when navigating using the anotations list

Pranav Lal

Hi all,
When I navigate to a comment, NVDA does not focus correctly on it. I am told I
am on a comment but when I invoke the context menu to reply to it, I do not get
the correct options.
This happens in Word 2016 using NVDA 2016.4.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a document containing comments.
2. Go to brows mode and activate the list of links feature by hitting NVDA key +
3. Select the option to show annotations
4. Arrow to a comment of choice..
5. Tab to the "move" button and hit enter or spacebar to confirm the action.

You will be told you are on a comment. Hit the context menu key and look for
comment related options. You will not find them.

The workaround is to use the previous and next comment controls in the review
pane of the word ribbon.


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