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Windows Live Mail is slightly more accessible than thunderbird in that which fields are displayed and their order is adjustible from the keyboard.  And to make this even more annoying, in Thunderbird, the fields are not displayed in the order a lot of blind people wish by default.  The subject is displayed first, then the name of the sender.  So not only do you have to use the drag and drop function of your screen-reader to alter the order or get sighted help to do it. you are likely to want to do this.  If the fields were presented in the other order by default, you might just leave them alone and avoid the problem and annoyance. 
Windows Live Mail in it's newer version uses ribbons.  There is an older version that uses menus.  You can get the older version from some list members but Microsoft doesn't make it available any longer. 
If you use IMAP and you want to use message rules, Windows Live Mail doesn't support them being used directly in the program in IMAP.  Thunderbird does.  Having said that, it is my understanding that you can create message rules on the e-mail server and you can, in that way, direct messages where you wish using Windows Live Mail.
Some people using the newer Windows Live Mail have crashing problems.  I don't know if the older menu version has these problems with some users. 
I should also point out that Windows Live Mail has a very convenient command that thunderbird doesn't have.  Control I will take you to the default inbox, no matter which folder or message list you are in. 
I prefer Windows Live Mail but, depending on whether being able to create IMAP message rules directly in the client matters to you, you may prefer Thunderbird. 
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mozilla thunderbird is accessible and also microsoft outlook, outlook
express which is installed by default on windows xp, and someone told
me that windows live mail is the best one.
God bless you.

On 1/21/17, Dennis L <dennisl1982@...> wrote:
> What email clients are accessible with NVDA?  I don't like thunderbird.
> Thanks for your help.

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