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I just don't like Live mail, its too messy and keeps on losing its mail.
OE is still pretty good. Its probably more secure than one might think in most circumstances. I'd not run a company with it, and Outlook of course is only available as part of Office and microsoft cannot leave it alone. Its far too bloated and tries to do things most just do not need.


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On Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 09:55 am, James AUSTIN wrote:

I find Thunderbird to be very stable.
As do the millions of other users. It's one of the more popular email clients out there, and accessible, too.

Outlook, at least up through the 2013 version, is also accessible as is Windows Live Mail 2012, but official support just terminated for the latter. WLM 2012 should be just fine for a while for POP and IMAP e-mail access methods. It will certainly hit the tech press when it begins it's transition to "a block of security Swiss cheese" that Outlook Express became long ago.

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