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You are right. However in layout its possible to hid the status so it has to be there in the first place.

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Use read status line. You don't have to be in the folders list. You can be in the message list as I recall. I haven't used Outlook Express for many years but as I recall, you will hear how many messages are in the list and how many are read and unread. But if my memory is not quite correct, you will still hear what you want, that is the number of unread messages. Read status line in NVDA is NVDA key end. That is for the desktop layout. I don't know the laptop layout command.

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From: Dennis L
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Subject: [nvda] outlook express question

Hi, when using NVDA if you tab to your folders NVDA doesn't say NVDA 5 unread messages is there any way to get it to automatically speak this info??

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