Re: Some questions about eSpeak-ng and MBrola


i tried also the method that you mentioned and could not use embrola
voice to try it.
about espeak ng, i downloaded the msi version and could not use it!
i dont know its usage and how to use it!
i installed it and says not valid windows 32!
but i am sure that i downloaded the x86 version.

On 1/22/17, Christo de Klerk <> wrote:
Hello all

I have been using MBrola with the old eSpeak for many years and would
like to get it going under eSpeak-ng now I am using NVDA as my screen
reader. I have looked at the eSpeak-ng documentation and I think I have
copied all the necessary MBrola files into their correct places, but I
can't get MBrola activated under NVDA. I select espeak-ng as my
synthesiser, then I go to Voice preferences and I see mb-en1 listed
there, in the list of voices, but it is the usual eSpeak-ng en voice
that keeps talking. How do I get mb-en1 to talk?

Then another question. MBrola tools has this confirmation dialog that
keeps popping up every first time it is run after a reboot. Has anyone
found a way to get that out of the way? It causes havoc, as it pops up
before there is any speech.

I see there is now a Windows installation of eSpeak-ng. Would it upset
the old installation of eSpeak at all if one were to install eSpeak-ng?
I don't want to break anything that ain't broke.

I see the eSpeak-ng documentation is in a .md format. What does one use
to read .md files?

Sorry for all the questions, but I am new to espeak-ng and would like to
get a grip on it. I have worked with the old eSpeak and have done
dictionary development for many years.

Kind regards


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