is there a basic tutorial on how to use team viewer?

Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...>

Hi guys

is any one on the list know of a tutorial for us on how to use team
viewer with a screen reader?

is there a tutorial out there for screen reader users? I know this
program has extra features which we may or may not use.

some sighted people refer to team viewer so they can see what is
happening on the screen and not the audio only like in nvda remote.

For example some times i need a sighted person to see what is happening
when the screen reader can not see the problem.

I have had a look at the interface and will give it a whirl later on. I
guess i wil be able to connect easily enough to the remote pc but is
there a way also of coming back to your pc if needed in the session?
then jumping back to his computer? I know in NVDA remote it is the F11
key is there one like that in team viewer? also after the session is it
just a matter of logging out of the program to stop it, i will have to
have more of a look.

Any help on letting me know of the F11 equivalent in nvda remote but the
one for team viewer would be great if you know it.

By the way any users of this program is there a lag? or is it laggy or
quite quick if the video is turned off?

if i can figure out the lay out looks easily enough and can get it to do
what i want to if there is interest i will write up a basic tutorial on
using it.

I will see how this one goes.

Gene nz

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