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Monte Single

Ive been using m s outlook with nvad for 5 or 6 years stable. You just need to get outlook set to the configuration that works for you. I have the message preview turned off;  basicly I just have all the folders showing on the left and the messages, arranged the way I like, showing on the rest of the screen. Less stuff for nvda to report on.


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Hey, If I do upgrade to ten using a new computer. Can I still use outlook 2010?


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I just don't like Live mail, its too messy and keeps on losing its mail.

While your first assertion is unquestionably correct for you, your second one is just your opinion and the third one has never - I repeat - never - happened in my experience.  I've had a lot of clients who use WLM and have it running alongside Outlook 2010, Thunderbird, and Opera Mail, the last of which is an accessibility nightmare not to mention barely customizable, much like the Windows 10 mail app.

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