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Chris Mullins

Hi Rui
Thanks for this.


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Hi Greg

There is no specific NVDA command I am aware of but the Excel command to
select a column is Ctrl+spacebar from anywhere in the target column and to
select an entire row it’s shift+spacebar, again from anywhere in the row.
There is probably a way to see all the sheet names but I just use
Ctrl+pageup/down to read them, so I don’t know the specific command.



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Question 1: If a sighted user wants to format all the cells in column C, he
would click on the letter C at the top of the column to highlight all the
cells in that column. How do you do that with NVDA?

Question 2: What is the NVDA command to get to the worksheet listing at the
bottom of the page? Once you get there, I know that you use the Control/Page
Up or Down to move between worksheets you have created.


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