Re: Firefox memory loss syndrome

Antony Stone

What's the exact message Firefox shows you when it says it can't find a page?

There's often some useful technical detail in those messages to suggest
whether it's a problem with the browser, the DNS lookup, the network
connection, or the remote server.

Somewhat ironically, I find there are increasing problems with "cannot load
page" these days, since Content Delivery Networks (lots of computers all doing
the same job, to cater for the enormous number of requests they're supposed to
be getting) have become more commonplace.

Also, when you say "sighted people say they do not see this at all", do you

- they don't see this problem on their computer, nothing to do with yours

- they don't see the error message on your computer, when you can

- they don't see a problem (they se the page) on your computer, when you see
the error message

Different behaviour between two computers both trying to do the same thing
(even at the same time) often doesn't help to identify what the problem is
with one of them.



On Tuesday 24 January 2017 at 20:34:33, Brian's Mail list account wrote:

Why is it that Firefox seems to sometimes say it cannot find a page but on
doing a refresh it can. Now sighted people say they do not see this at all,
yet it happens all the time to me and I was wondering if nvda was making it
miss the page address or something. Its normally when launched by another
piece of software.
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