Re: Firefox memory loss syndrome

Pascal Lambert

Hi Brian,
I am encountering the same thing. Also, NVDA says "item not found" when the
PC reaches the desktop and I have to hit "m-window-key" to restore the
desktop. I am also losing the voice for while when I move the cursors
faster to skim through the page or the file explorer for that matter. I
don't know if it is NVDA or Win10 problem. The fact of the matter is NVDA
and Win10 combo is not as stable as it used to be with Windows 7.
Your thoughts please.
On another topic, I have a laptop for which I cannot remember the password
and I failed to make a rescue disk. Any help is greatly appreciated. It is
an Acer laptop with Win10.

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Why is it that Firefox seems to sometimes say it cannot find a page but on
doing a refresh it can. Now sighted people say they do not see this at all,
yet it happens all the time to me and I was wondering if nvda was making it
miss the page address or something. Its normally when launched by another
piece of software.
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