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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Another technique that works on a few pages where NVDA does not see or does not activate buttons is to move to just before where the button is located and then to switch to edit mode with insert + space bar.  ten use the tab key to move to the button or sometimes it will say clickable item.  Then press space bar or enter and sometimes a player or link will be activated. I see this with the Tunein website for premium content.

On 1/24/2017 5:15 PM, Gene wrote:
the play button may be a control in a Flash player.  Try going to the page, then make sure you are at the top,  Type the letter o and see if you land on an embedded object.  Press enter and try tabbing and shift tabbing.  Do you see any buttons?  Also, if that doesn't work, start over.  Close and reopen the browser, go to the web page again, make sure you are at the top then type o to move to the embedded object.  Now route the mouse to the current location of the object navigator with the command numpad insert numpad slash, the same key as for left click. 
Now press numpad slash by itself to left click the embedded object.  Does the file start to play? 
Remember two things when following these instructions for working with the mouse.  First, before starting the second set of instructions, make sure you are in object review.  Issue the command numpad insert numpad 1.  If you hear somethin like no previous review, you will already be in object review.  If you hear something that isn't object review but some other review, continue to issue the command until you get to object review. 
Remember not to press enter on the embedded object. 
And one more thing:
When I said to start over and close the browser, then open it and go to the page again, I did so to avoid any possible problems.  I wanted you to start from the beginning so we both knew exactly what you were doing.  But when not learning from these instructions, you don't have to do that.  You can, as I recall, return to the page by using a book mark without closing the browser first.  That will save you time.  But if you can't get the file to play, you can try closing the browser first to see if that makes any difference.  you can't get the file to play, you can close the browser, as I said initially. 
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Hi, NVDA doesn’t see the play button on a webpage however Jaws sees it.  What is the reason for this?

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